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Location: Bundall | Australia
‍Special Features: Concrete, grey, walnut timber, green wall, black, leather. 

This job was done together with Arco Designs for the SPL surfers Paradise office, on the Gold Coast. The client wanted an elegant, sophisticated and yet contemporary space for housing his office. The room should be able to be used as a work space with a large desk and storage, as well as an entertaining spot for socialising with clients and suppliers. A large floor to ceiling sliding door hides or showcases a kitchenette, a natural vertical garden, or shelving niches, providing flexibility for these different uses. Materials such as natural leather, timber and brass bring a classy feel, while the black and red colours warm up the space and give a modern touch to it. A large size library photo was added to the back wall, providing an interesting sense or spaciousness and also a surprise effect. 

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