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Location: Pacific Fair Shopping Centre | Gold Coast
‍Special Features: Timber floor, heritage building, off-whites. 

So for the Proud Smile clinic project, the briefing was to design a dental clinic that didn’t feel like a medical precinct. The client, one of the most renowned aesthetic dentists on the Gold Coast, wanted a space to reflect the excellence and extreme quality of his work as well as a sophisticated and comfortable feel for his clients. The colour palette and key materials mix sober and warm finishes such as marble, walnut and oak timber with touches of vibrant colours through surfaces and lighting. The peach, pink and blue colours bring a fun and contemporary touch to the spaces. Lighting was a very important part of this design and was thought not only to bring functionality, but also movement and life. Curves and indulgent textures such as the suede panel, sheer curtains and soft carpet bring a cosy and relaxing feel, which can make all the difference during a visit to the dentist for many. 


Photographer: Herus Photo | Joao de Carvalho

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