Location: Niue Island
Special Features: Contemporary design, plywood, grey subway tiles, minimalism, Quantum Quartz Michelangelo, black.

This interior design was thought for a complex of eight apartments at the Niue Island, South Pacific. The briefing was to create a timeless design, easy to build and to maintain. As pretty much all materials and suppliers would come from New Zealand and Australia, the whole design was thought in a smart and simple way. The colour palette should be neutral, as the main attraction is the beautiful nature outside. All joinery was designed using marine grade plywood: an easy, basic and sturdy material. A single piece of joinery flows from the Living to the Kitchen, Dining, and Alfresco, assuming different and multiple functions and visually connecting the spaces. In the Bathrooms, the dark grey subway tile wall gives the impression of depth and brings a warm feel.

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