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Location: Currumbin Valley
‍Special Features: Classic & Hampton's design with French elements, recycled timber, black & white, Quantum Quartz Michelangelo, natural stone, timber lining.

These gorgeous interiors were designed for a young family moving from Brisbane to Currumbin Valley. Looking for having a better quality of life close to nature, and especially having the opportunity to raise their young child amongst the wildlife, by the side of the Currumbin Creek, and with the most amazing views. This was a very special project for the clients and also for us, having the opportunity to assist them in creating this dream home.


The couple has lived in France for many years and loves the French provincial style. However, they also wanted to have a coastal touch, as they are also very close to the beach. A welcoming feeling was a must, as the family entertains a lot and wanted to make sure that the house would be ready to receive their friends and family.


The chosen concept mixes touches of classy French furniture (the couple had some beautiful original pieces brought from France), crystal chandeliers, refined details like skirting boards and cornices, paneled cabinetry connecting with the beautiful coastal Hamptons’ style, recycled timber, and encaustic tiles. This combination showcases sophistication together with an extremely welcoming and warm feeling.


The colour palette is quite basic, with shades of off-white, natural timber, black & white, and soft greys, allowing for a timeless and elegant background to the beautiful artwork pieces that will be showcased along with the house.

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