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Building biology studies the holistic relationship between humans and their living and work environments. It looks at every aspect in a built space which can influence our health, both positively and negatively.
Thinking that nowadays it's almost unavoidable living a big part of our lives without being in a built space, it is also essential to understand the role that spaces play in our lives, more specifically in our psychological and physical health. When I was writing my masters thesis, I dedicated a lot of time studying the relationship between spaces and human behaviour and wellbeing. This study changed the way I looked at design with no way back, as it made me realize in a much deeper way a designer's responsibility when planning a space.
One of the core aspects of human's health is how our body deals with stress, so what we call environmental stressors to play a massive role in our lives and health. These stressors affect us through stimuli coming not only from our five senses, but also through ways that are felt by our body in a more subtle way, such as magnetic field fluctuations, electromagnetic alterations (yes, our whole body, including our brain, works based on electromagnetic signals), chemicals overload, and even aspects that can stop us from having a good restorative sleep.
Having this in mind, Building Biology looks at all aspects which may cause any harm to your health in a short, medium or long period of time, working in a remedial and also in a preventive way to make sure that your house or working space is performing a positive role towards your physical, psychological and energetic health and wellbeing.
Building Biology can also be used for commercial and corporate spaces with extreme good results. It improves health and productivity mitigating any long-therm consequences that could cause problems to a business. 
The more technical part of Building Biology looks at aspects such as artificial and natural lighting, noise levels, humidity, and mold presence, natural and man-made magnetic fields, ergonomics and harmonic shapes, radioactivity, chemicals, and air quality, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation. These characteristics are measured and quantified with proper devices.
Building Biology has also a more energetic discipline, called Geomancy. Within Geomancy, we measure and analyze aspects like Geopathic Stress (underground waters, underground fissures, geomagnetic lines) and Place Memory using dowsing techniques. 
In a Building Biology consultancy, we'll talk about how you and your family feel in your house and evaluate if there are any health issues which should be taken in consideration (such as allergies, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, cancer and more). I'll also look at and measure all relevant aspects and provide you with a detailed report containing guidelines for mitigating any issues. The measurements and investigations are performed using high-quality equipment. 
A re-evaluation is done after one month from the suggested interventions' implementation for checking its efficacy.
The Building Biology services can be offered together with the Interior Design services or completely separate. You can also mix and match services from both fields.
This is the most comprehensive consultancy and can be done for residential and commercial buildings. Your building will be audit aspects such as air quality, chemicals, cleaning products, magnetism, water quality, electromagnetic fields, and geomancy will be analyzed. A comprehensive report will be provided with detailed actions to be taken addressing all found issues. It also includes a post-implementation visit for double-checking the efficacy of the recommendations.
This service will provide guidelines and recommendations about materials, building's location on the site, orientation, ventilation, lighting, colours, and electrical installation recommendations for new buildings. Every unique aspect of the site, clients and business will be looked at carefully.

This service can be used before purchasing or leasing land, your new home or commercial space. An overall evaluation will be conducted assessing any aspects that could potentially affect your health and wellbeing. This inspection will look mainly at issues that are complicated to be mitigated, and a verbal or written feedback will be provided.


This service can be done together with other consultancies or on its own. Earth Acupuncture is a very effective Geomancy technique that can improve general health, immune system performance, concentration and focus, quality of sleep, fatigue and stress levels.

You can pick from as many or as few aspects of your building to be analyzed and I'll provide you with a customized quote.
The cost of services vary according to the size and complexity of the job so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 
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