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From luxurious mansions to small apartments, home renovations and commercial fit-outs,

I look at every project with a thoughtful eye, searching for what is unique, singular and special about that client or business. Every project is a whole new journey and represents a process of recognizing and voicing the inherent personality of a client or business, which is exclusive and irreplaceable. Every design embodies the soul, the dreams, the unique nature and distinct character of each client. That's the reason why my clients can see themselves in that space, and also the reason why that space becomes their sanctuary, where they feel home.


Through a connection between people and space is how all humans transform spaces into places. This is an important part of how we signify our experiences and the way we construct our lives.

Some jobs can have a slightly different design process or need only a few of the offered services. Each situation is analyzed individually and a service proposal will be designed based on your particular needs.
This is our most complete package and includes a tailored and detailed moodpboard, 3D renders, navigable model, and documentation. You can see a brief description of the included stages below:

Stage 1 - Measure-up, Questionnaire & Online Ideas Board

The initial step is a comprehensive measure-up of your space in order to draw detailed plans.

A tailored and comprehensive questionnaire with all relevant questions about your project is prepared.

An online ideas board is created for easy communication of ideas between you and the designer.


Stage 2 - Concept Moodboard

This is the representation of the artistic concept and feel of your project. Key-materials, colour palette, and mood are displayed here. This Moodboard will guide the creative process and will set the atmosphere of your space.


Stage 3 - Concept Design

The proper design takes place here. Scaled Floor Plans with furniture layout will be presented together with the initial materials selection. Detailed rendered images will display how the lighting design is working together with a highly realistic suggestion of furniture, materials, joinery, feature walls and styling. 

You will be able to walk through a 3D navigable model, experiencing the spaces, colours, materials, and textures as if your home or commercial space was ready to move in.


Stage 4 - Documentation

Here your design will be developed further and the detailed plans and elevations will be created.

The final finishes selection will also take place and we will choose all finishes, joinery, water fixtures, flooring, wall coverings, window dressings, lighting, hardware, and ceilings together with you.

Then, the written specification for all selections will be provided, in preparation for tendering.

At this stage, the documents will be submitted to relevant authorities for approval, where necessary.


This service includes one initial consultation for discussing style, goals, needs, budget, and deadlines. Then we will visit different suppliers for selecting finishes, appliances, tapware, flooring, etc. After all selections are done, a schedule of finishes & fixtures with details of all materials is put together and forwarded to the appointed builders for tendering.


This is an optional service and can be engaged anytime during the design process.

We also provide furniture, decor & artwork outsourcing. This service can even select elements like cutlery, linen and small details for your place such as your towels and robes. 


If you only need professional advice or want to have a chat about ideas and suggestions for your space, consultancies and visits can be arranged based on an hourly rate. 

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1. Kitchen, Living & Dining 1.jpg
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