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Location: Robina
‍Area: 165m2
‍Special Features: Natural cedar timber lining, 3D concrete elements, polished concrete, indoor plants, laminate Laminex Honey Elm, Dulux paint.

This beautiful office fit-out was designed for an existing client of ours. After two years working in the original design, he came back to us when they needed to expand their business and acquired the next door tenancy.

The colour palette was chosen to transmit the impression of solidity, permanence, and trust. We used western red cedar to transmit warmth and offer a sophisticated contrast with the sober materials such as the grey tiles and the concrete-look render.

We dedicated a lot of thought to resolve the initial layout, as we wanted to achieve the best use of space possible and also provide a spacious and pleasant impression to the employees. Easy access to the meeting rooms for the clients was also an important aspect. We wanted to have natural light and views to all long term spaces, offering better quality and healthy spaces for the users. Storage cabinets and the technical hub were strategically placed close to circulation areas, not taking much space and offering easy access to them.

The decision to place the reception area as an island in the middle of the office front brought the opportunity of placing the majority of the long term rooms along with the windows. Despite being away from the windows, natural light is delivered to the reception through a glass wall placed behind a garden bed with bamboo plant screening. This green oasis brings the outdoor feeling inside as well as delivers the pleasant feeling of having greenery around. The bamboo plants also filter the views to the assistants’ room from the reception.

The lighting design was designed to be functional and yet refined, offering comfortable levels of luminance to the employees and also guiding the eyes to feature walls and artwork pieces.

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