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Location: Robina
‍Area: 165m2
‍Special Features: Natural cedar timber lining, 3D concrete elements, polished concrete, indoor plants, laminate Laminex Honey Elm, Dulux paint.

This very cool and creative space was designed for a restaurant specializing in special meat cuts and drinks harmonizing with the dishes. Located in an area with lots of offices and health professionals around, the idea was to create a space for a quality lunch escape or happy hour drinks and tapas.

Inspired by the restaurant’s name, ‘The Red Rocket’ was thought as a funky spot referencing the 60’s space exploration, showcasing a

rocket’s engine around metal ‘pipes’ and even Mars’ photo surrounded stars on a black wall.

its walls, a gigantic by LED

One of the chef’s request was the possibility of having an open kitchen, allowing the clients to watch him working on his special creations and also motivating conversations between him and the costumers, as many of them are very interested in knowing more about his unique specialties.


Carrying a lot of experience from his extended carrier as a top quality chef international chef, the client had a very detailed and specific list of objectives to be achieved within the staff/kitchen area. As this space was the ‘heart’ of the restaurant and where his exquisite creations would be prepared, the flow and effectiveness was a priority. After testing and evolving through various different layouts, we ended up with the solution demonstrated on the floor plans, making the most of the floor space. This was the beginning of the design process and the other areas evolved from there.

The bar welcomes the clients with a showcase of textures and colours used throughout the restaurant. With a triangular and very functional shape, it keeps everything ‘in hand’ for the bartender as well as offers a good space for storage.

A lot of attention was dedicated to the Floor Area as well. The main layout goal was to provide an opportunity for accommodating different group sizes comfortably. Offering possibilities for small or big groups seating together in a long table, or even more cozy and reserved booths, the design delivers different possibilities for everyone.


The selected colour palette showcases a mix of materials and textures. The shades of red, corten steel, metallic mesh curtains, aluminum 'pipes’, black walls and rustic timber contrast with the hi-tech look of the off-white fiberglass reinforced plastic panels illuminated by red LED lights. The contrast between materials enriches its unique characteristics and creates a singular outcome with a unique character, mixing touches of the 60’s funky charm with the ludic theme of being ‘inside’ a rocket.

A rocket shaped red neon light welcomes the guests at reception. Scattered around the place, rusted pieces of cars’ engines showcase their rustic texture, turning into art pieces when featured by the spotlights. A sculptural rustic timber seat accommodates customers while crafting a beautiful contrast with the smooth reinforced fiberglass surface behind.

On the wall between the Floor and the Kitchen, a glass charcuterie display helps dividing the spaces without totally blocking the view. Old car dashboards compose a panel reinforcing the rocket theme on that wall.

The result was a design full of personality and character, attending to all functional requests from the brief.

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