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Location: Chevron Island
‍Special Features: White 2pac, oak laminate, dusty pink, crystal light pendant, suede, French oak flooring, luxury.

Designed for a lovely and very special client, this home office is an absolute feminine bliss! Making use of a pale and delicate colour palette, the space feels cosy, bright and very functional. The light dusty pink on the suede upholstery panel brings not only a luxurious, warm and feminine touch, but also improves acoustic in the room. A light oak flooring was chosen to match the timber veneer used as a detail for the joinery. An extremely well executed white 2 pac finish offers a neutral and yet elegant background to the feature elements. The layout was designed to be functional and also for offering opportunities for artwork and decoration objects to be displayed. Finally, a spectacular crystal light pendant gives the final luxury touch, together with the crystals on the upholstery panel.

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